Masco's Board of Directors

Richard Manoogian

Chairman Emeritus since 2012

Mr. Manoogian was instrumental in the dramatic growth of Masco to one of the largest manufacturers in North America of brand-name products for home improvement and new home construction. His experience in navigating our Company through various phases of its transformation and diversification provides our Board with unique and extensive knowledge of our Company’s history and strategies. As a long-term leader at Masco, Mr. Manoogian possesses firsthand knowledge of our operations as well as a deep understanding of the home improvement and new home construction industries.

Charles K. Stevens, III

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of General Motors Company, since 2014

Mr. Stevens joined General Motors Company in 1983 with the Buick Motor Division. He brings over 30 years of financial experience to our board. His extensive background and expertise will provide our management and board with a significant understanding of finance, financial operations, international financial matters and consumer goods. His current responsibilities include leading General Motor Company’s global financial and accounting operations.

Christopher A. O’Herlihy

Vice Chairman of Illinois Tool Works Inc., a global diversified industrial manufacturer of specialized industrial equipment, consumables, and related service businesses, since 2015

Mr. O’Herlihy joined Illinois Tool Works Inc. in 1989 and has been promoted to various positions with increased responsibilities. In his various roles, he has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of business, including business strategy, operations, acquisitions, emerging markets, financial performance and structure, legal matters, and human resources/talent management. His current responsibilities include developing and executing the overall corporate growth strategy. He brings to our Board strategic insight and understanding of complex business and manufacturing operations, as well as a valuable perspective of international business operations, gained through his experience with a multi-billion dollar diversified global organization.

Donald R. Parfet

Managing Director, Apjohn Group, LLC, a business development company, since 2000 and General Partner, Apjohn Ventures Fund, Limited Partnership, a venture capital fund, since 2003

As an executive with responsibilities for numerous global businesses, Mr. Parfet brings extensive financial and operating experience to our Board, including financial and corporate staff management responsibilities and senior operational responsibilities for multiple global business units. His experience in business development and venture capital firms provides our Board with a valued perspective on growth and strategy. He is also experienced in leading strategic planning, risk assessment, human resource planning and financial planning and control. His global operating experience, strong financial background and proven leadership capabilities are especially important to our Board’s consideration of product and geographic expansion and business development opportunities.

J. Michael Losh

Retired Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of General Motors Corporation, a global automotive company

Mr. Losh has strong leadership skills gained through significant executive leadership positions and through his service on boards of other publicly held companies in various industries. His current activities provide him with valuable exposure to developments in board oversight responsibilities, corporate governance, risk management, accounting and financial reporting, which enhances his service to us as Chairman of our Board. In addition, Mr. Losh has experience with and understands complex international financial transactions. He possesses substantial finance and accounting expertise gained through his experience as CFO of large organizations and through his service on other boards and audit committees.

John C. Plant

Retired Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., a diversified automotive supplier

Based on his leadership positions with multi-billion dollar diversified global companies, Mr. Plant brings to our Board strategic insight and understanding of complex operations as well as a valuable perspective of international business. He understands how to manage a company through economic cycles and major transactions. He also has a strong background in finance and extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of business, including operations, business development matters, financial performance and structure, legal matters and human resources.

Keith J. Allman

Our President and Chief Executive Officer

Keith Allman brings to our Board strong business leadership skills, hands-on operational experience with our businesses and valuable insight into our culture. He played an integral role in developing our strategies to strengthen our brands and improve our execution, which has helped to provide the foundation for the current direction of our Company. His key leadership positions within our Company have given him deep knowledge of all aspects of our business, and he also possesses a significant understanding of, and experience with, complex operations as well as company-specific customer expertise.

Lisa A. Payne

Former Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of Taubman Centers, Inc., a real estate investment trust

Ms. Payne possesses extensive financial, accounting and corporate finance expertise gained through her experience as Chief Financial Officer of Taubman Centers and as an investment banker. Her financial focus and proficiency helped guide Taubman Centers through the economic recession and increased shareholder value. She brings to our Board an understanding of growth strategy. In addition, Ms. Payne’s extensive experience in real estate investment, development and acquisition gives her an informed and thorough understanding of macroeconomic factors that may impact our business.

Marie Ffolkes

President, Industrial Gases, Americas of Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., since 2015

Ms. Ffolkes has served as the President, Industrial Gases, Americas of Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. since 2015. In this role, she is responsible for leading the strategy implementation and profitability of the company’s industrial gases operations in North and South America. Ms. Ffolkes has strong leadership skills in areas important to Masco’s performance, including operations, finance, international markets, marketing and personnel.

Mark R. Alexander

Senior Vice President of Campbell Soup Company, a manufacturer and marketer of branded convenience products, since 2010, and President of Americas Simple Meals and Beverages, Campbell Soup Company, since 2015

As President of Campbell Soup Company’s largest division, Mr. Alexander brings to our Board strong leadership skills and experience in developing and executing business growth strategies. His current business responsibilities include investing in brand-building, innovation and expanded distribution, which correspond to areas of focus at our business operations. His extensive international experience with consumer branded products and his background in marketing and customer relations also provide our Board with expertise and insight as we leverage our consumer brands in the global market.

Reginald M. Turner, Jr.

Attorney and Member, Clark Hill PLC, a Detroit, Michigan-based law firm, since April 2000, and currently serves on its Executive Committee

As an accomplished litigator and legal advisor with expertise in labor and employment law and government relations, Mr. Turner brings to our Board powerful insight in these areas. His background, coupled with his service as a director of a financial institution and a member of its enterprise risk committee, make him a valuable asset to our Board in the areas of risk management and finance. Mr. Turner has numerous and varied experiences in business, civic and charitable leadership roles, and his skills and insight benefit our Board as it considers issues of risk management, corporate governance and legal risk.