Internships / Co-ops

Students Whether you join us as an Intern or a Co-op, you can immediately begin applying on the job what you have learned in school. As you continue to gain knowledge and practical experience at Masco, a Fortune 500 company, you’ll help to shape our future, as you learn valuable skills needed for success in the business world. Many employers, including Masco, are seeking a higher level of experience when bringing new employees onboard. Masco offers you this experience as an Intern or Co-Op, giving you a distinct advantage over your classmates.

As an intern, you can gain practical work experience during the summer or between semesters. As a Co-Op, you can work throughout the year while you are enrolled in an accredited college or university, as you pursue a bachelor’s or advanced degree. In either case, you’ll be able to work with your manager to create a development plan to ensure that your time at Masco delivers challenging and targeted professional and career development opportunities.