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In 2015, we refreshed our sustainability program by conducting a materiality assessment, updating our vision and roadmap for sustainability, and establishing a cross-representative Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) comprised of members of our HQ office and at least one representative from each of our business units to govern and steward the program. goal: How can a focus on sustainability help us make a bigger positive impact in our communities and our businesses?

With a defined vision and mission, we broadened and deepened our sustainability program in 2016 to define actionable next steps. This included benchmarking and tracking other companies and their protocols. We also expanded our organizational involvement through education and increased focus on disclosures.

To Our Stakeholders

Sustainable Impacts

"At Masco, we recognize the importance of our actions both now and in the future, and we also recognize that doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive, rather inter-dependent. We believe that successfully balancing the management of people, profit and planet enables us to drive innovation, bolster our brands, secure profitability and position us for growth."

- Keith Allman
President and Chief Executive Officer



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